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Fernando Concha

Associate investigator

PhD in Metallurgical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering, Universidad de Concepción.

Contact: fconcha@udec.cl

CRHIAM profile

Lines of research

  • Efficient use of water in agriculture and mining

Professional profile

Areas of expertise

  • Solid-liquid separation
  • Thickening
  • Filtration
  • Suspension transport
  • Rheology

Professional development

Professor Emeritus, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Universidad de Concepción.  

Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Water in mining

Graduate courses taught:

  • Solid-liquid separation


  • Advisor, CENID
  • University of Queensland (Baumgartl, T., Pagliero, L., Macintire, N.)
  • SMIICE (Mulligan,D., Kuyvenhoven, R., Aitken, D., Garcia Giovanna)
  • National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department of Physico-chemical Hydrodynamics (Nikolaj Ruylov)
  • Melbourne University (Peter Scales)
  • Director, Dry Mining Network (UdeC, USACH, UC, UFSM, UDD, UBB, SMIICE)