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Octavio Lagos

Associate Investigator

Postdoctorate, University of California, Davis.

PhD in Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Master of Agricultural Engineering with a Specialization in Water Resources, Universidad de Concepción.

Agricultural Engineering, Universidad de Concepción.

Contact: octaviolagos@udec.cl

CRHIAM profile

Lines of research

  • Efficient use of water in agriculture and mining

Professional profile

Areas of expertise

  • Irrigation engineering
  • Determination and modeling of evapotranspiration
  • Measuring and modeling of surface energy balance components in natural and agricultural areas
  • Geographic information systems and remote sensors in agriculture

Professional development

Associate Professor, Universidad de Concepción.

Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Design of spray irrigation systems

Graduate courses taught:

  • Advanced irrigation systems
  • Evapotranspiration

Redes en las que colabora

  • Civil Society Council, Comisión Nacional de Riego