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Pedro Toledo

Deputy Director, Principal investigator

PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota.

Chemical Engineering, Universidad de Concepción.

Contact: petoledo@udec.cl

CRHIAM profile

Lines of research

  • Efficient use of water in agriculture and mining
  • New sources of water for agriculture, mining and communities
  • Water availability and quality for agriculture and mining under climate change
  • Technology for water treatment and environmental remediation

Responsibility area

  • In charge of Indexed Publications

Professional profile

Areas of expertise

Áreas investigación fundamental:

  • Molecular simulation of phases and interphases in saline solutions
  • Molecular assessment and design of additives for mineral concentration in saline water
  • Characterization-evaluation of additives in saline water (flocculants, collectors, frothers, anti-fouling agents, chelators)
  • Modeling of fluidization of particulate systems for particle classification without water (dry mining)
  • Modeling of flow and transport in porous materials
  • Determination of molecular forces between surfaces mediated by fluid
  • Concentration of lithium carbonate from brines and flotation of lithium-rich minerals
  • Effects of salts and clays on water clarification
  • Physiochemistry and rheology of flocculated sediment

Application areas:

  • Design-evaluation-selection of flocculants for water clarification in thickeners
  • Design of additive programs for mineral concentration
  • Design of collectors for spodumene (lithium mineral) flotation
  • Emulsion characterization
  • Evaluation of seawater for mineral concentration processes

Professional development

Full Professor, Deputy Director of Research, Universidad de Concepción.

Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamics of chemical processes
  • Chemical process laboratory

Graduate courses taught:

  • Colloid systems and interface engineering


  • Member, CRHIAM Academic Council
  • Member, CRHIAM Scientific Committee
  • Member, CRHIAM Advisory Council