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Raimund Bürger

Associate Investigator

Dr. rer. nat., Universität Stuttgart, Alemania.

Diplon-Mathematiker, TU Darmstadt, Alemania.

Contact: rburger@ing-mat.udec.cl

CRHIAM profile

Lines of research

  • Efficient use of water in agriculture and mining

Professional profile

Areas of expertise

  • Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation in sanitary engineering
  • Mineral processing and related areas

Desarrollo profesional

Full Professor, Universidad de Concepción.

Undergraduate courses taught:

  • Numerical analysis I
  • Numerical analysis II
  • Calculus III

Graduate courses taught:

  • Equations in partial derivatives
  • Continuum mechanics
  • Conservation laws
  • Introduction to modeling in biomathematics

Redes en las que colabora

  • Member, Mathematical and Statistical Committee, CNA-Chile